Juicing for weight loss

Quick guide to Juicing for weight loss

At some point in everyone's (mostly everyone) life, they want to lose some weight.

People want to lose weight for all different reasons;

  • Overall health and well-being
  • To feel better about themselves
  • Make that man or women they are chasing notice them
  • Fit into an old outfit again (a bit cliche but it’s true!)

Plus we are all start from a different point.

There is a big difference between the women who wants to lose a few kilos before summer holidays and the guy who needs to lose 20kg because his doctor warned of possible health concerns.

People that succeed with weight loss do two very important things;

First, they make a decision that they are doing to make a change. (however big or small)

Second, they put 100% of their efforts into planning and sticking to that plan.

Let me also mention that everyone is different, so something that works for your friend might not work for you. So keep trying and find something that works for you.

Now from now on, I am going to talk about juicing and weight loss.

However if juicing is not for you please find something that works for you.

Make a decision and go for it!

You can do it! Juicing for weight loss with Lifestyle Juicery Bangkok, Thailand


So you’re probably wondering;

How do you juice to lose weight

Well today I’m going to make it easy for you. All you need to do is carve out a few mins of your day and put some of these ideas into action.

Start with a juice cleanse- Think of your body like you would your car. Would you go around driving it every day, rain halt or shine, just using any old fuel, never giving it much rest and not taking it in for a service? A juice cleanse or juice fast is like a service for your body.

It allows your body some time off from the regular battering it gets from the modern diet and environment.

Now we are not saying everyone should go on a 30 day juice cleanse or a massive 60 day juice fast like Joe Cross. (Check out Joe’s Story here)

However a nice 6 day cleanse is perfect for resetting the system, cleaning the slate and giving you a nice place to start your weight loss journey. That’s why we recommend a 6 day cleanse to 80% of our juicers.

WARNING! Best mention sugar at this point.

Simply put sugar that is not burnt converts to fat. Fruits are high in sugar (fructose, yes we know. It’s still sugar.) Doing an all fruit juice cleanse is not a good idea if you want to lose weight. If weight loss is your goal you must use a lot more veggies in your juices. Now if you are juicing with us and we know your health goals, we will advise. If you are juicing at home or juicing with another juicing service, please read more on sugar and use at most 30% fruit in your juice blends if weight loss is your goal.
(Here is an article we did on sugar some time back)  

So once you do a juice cleanse now what?

Well during and after the cleanse you will lose some weight, however that is mostly water weight and will come back if you don’t take the chance to adjust your diet and set up some healthy habits.

A simple survey of your previous diet and lifestyle will give you an idea on where you need to make some adjustments. If you need some help making a self-appraisal please contact one of our friendly staff they are happy to help you come up with a plan that suits you.

For example;

If you are a nighttime eater, eating most of your calories in foodpanda delivery and watching netflix.

THEN we might recommend a juice for dinner program,
and some tricks to feel full for longer.

(we know because we have been there done that, most of us have)

Alternatively, you can check out this online survey. (Pending) Within a few questions, we get a good idea of your current health-related habits (diet and exercise mostly) and will get back to you with some recommendations.

  If you have 10 mins spare, check out this guys 100 day juice fast video blogs. 

Here’s a few of the most popular
juicing for weight loss programs;

Juice 4 a day a week- One day of juicing a day per week, we recommend Mondays to get you back on track after the weekend. Recommended sometimes for people who can’t help but push the envelope on the weekend, treat themselves and want to get back on track for the week.

Juice for Dinner- Good for nighttime eaters.

5:2 Protocol (Fast 5) with raw juice- Adapted after the 5:2 intermittent fast diet.

Juicing as a meal substitute- Basic calorie restriction by drinking nutrient-dense veggie juices either with a light meal or instead of a meal.

WHAT really counts is that you stick to it! Like we said in the beginning, people who succeed at weight loss only do 2 things really well.

One is making a decision, and two create a plan and stick to it. All the best on your weight loss journey.

So, are you ready to do what it takes?

Sign up for a weight loss juice cleanse and get started.
Or talk with one of our friendly staff to find out more. 



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