Medicinal Weight Loss Detox

Medicinal Weight Loss Detox

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Lifestyle’s Medicinal Weight Loss Cleanse is created by our resident British Nutritional Therapist to restore your natural energy, improve liver function (which aids weight loss), improve digestion, and calm your senses -- leaving you looking and feeling lighter and clearer than before. Remember: you are what you eat. Thus, only when your internal organs are fully nourished will your skin be at its best.

This cleanse makes use of the most effective detox supplements on the market. The powerful Farmacy shots, colon cleansing formulas and relaxing detox baths will allow you to experience a spa style detox. Our delicious proprietary-blend plant milks and raw cold-pressed juices were created using the finest carefully selected ingredients. Ayurvedic and Adaptogenic Chinese herbs all add to the Lifestyle Juicery experience.

This program will deeply purify the body of internal toxicity -- healing and beautifying your body at the cellular level.



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